25 Facts About Me

I turned 25 8 days ago, so here are 25 facts about me:

  1. My name is pronounced Kuh-tee-suh (or Kuh-tee-zuh).  I don’t know the meaning, but I do know it’s in a book somewhere and I’m not the only one.
  2. I learned to read at 3.  Books are my soul mates.  ❤
  3. I try to find the good in everyone.
  4. I walk really fast and slow walkers irk me.
  5. I am always early, at least by 20 minutes.  If I’m late, something is wrong.
  6. I’ve had diabetes for 14.5 years, I’ve been abused, and I suffer from depression and anxiety.  I’m at the point of fixing myself on my own right now.
  7. I don’t drink.  I never have, and don’t plan to.
  8. Caffeine is my vice (coffee and diet dr. pepper)
  9. I prefer to stay at home.
  10. I don’t like or understand unappreciative people.
  11. If you want to know my personality, my tumblr is the best place to look.
  12. I have 8 piercings.
  13. I like big hooped earrings and big purses.
  14. I wish I were taller.
  15. If gas wasn’t so expensive (or if I had money to spare), I’d drive around for hours.
  16. It’s difficult for me to approach people.  If I had to depend on myself to make friends, I wouldn’t have any.
  17. I love to make everyone else happy.
  18. I prefer for people to not buy me gifts.  No one listens.
  19. I’m extremely close to my parents and younger sister.
  20. I have a fear of disappointing people.
  21. I always put myself last.
  22. I realize that sometimes, for my benefit, I may need to be a bit selfish, but it’s not in my nature.
  23. 70 degrees + cloudy (but no chance of rain) = my favorite kind of day.
  24. Coloring helps me relax.
  25. My life revolves around sports.  Watching it has helped me get through many tough points of my life, including right now.